Annual Exam & Vaccination

Annual Exam & Vaccination

Springtime and keeping pets hydrated

With the season changes in Florida, we tend to see varying temperatures from cold mornings to hot evenings! Pets are just as vulnerable to these changes as we are, and heat exhaustion and heat stroke can be an issue as the months get warmer. Allowing your animals to have fresh, clean water in a shady

Dr. S. P Roy

  Dr. S. P. Roy,¬†Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. A Jacksonville residence for over 40 years, Dr. Roy has been serving the Jacksonville and surrounding area with affordable veterinary care services. Dr. Roy is the owner of Gateway Animal Hospital. Prior to moving to Jacksonville, Dr. Roy did his residency and served as Vet in NJ

Meet our Office Manager – Deanna Smith

Deanna is passionate about pets. Her love for pets has brought her into pursuing her college diploma in veterinary nursing. She has over 10 years experience in providing quality care for pets and customer services at Gateway Animal Hospital. She amazes every customer with her quality service with a smile